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Y gobaith fydd cynnig y sesiynau yma yn Gymraeg hefyd ond yn bendant yn ddwyieithog. Mae David Williams wedi sgrifennu tair blog yn Gymraeg am ei hanes Iechyd Meddwl ac maent ar gael ar y wefan ragorol newydd Meddwl.

David Williams, by his own admission was a failure at school. He left  Education with just 2 O levels (GCSEs) He studied for an A Level at night school which was enough to gain access to a Degree in Humanities (Theatre & Media Drama). After qualifying as a lecturer in Further Education, he became a Drama Teacher in a tough, South East London Comprehensive School where he gained qualified teacher status on the job with Goldsmiths University. After four years, the school turned into a Government Academy and David went to Amsterdam to self medicate his negative intrusive thoughts (linked to failure as a child) and depression with strong cannabis. He was sat outside a Coffee shop when he heard the news about 07/07/2005. The events of that day set a ticking time bomb of Mental Health off in David's mind which was to see him being arrested 3 times and ultimately thrown in prison for 114 days. David spent from August 8th - December 9th 2005 on remand in a strict, tough prison in Amsterdam.

The drama of his lessons had morphed into the drama of his own life. He left the Netherlands with a suspected mental health diagnosis which was confirmed on his return to the UK as bipolar disorder or as David refers to it as manic depression. You are not meant to be a Teacher with this condition but with mental health in the news and the NHS stretched in dealing with the mental health crisis in young people, David has decided to return to schools to share his story.

"The sessions that I run will be 'bespoke' for the school and the year group in question. My sessions can last up to two hours or fit into one. They will be suitable for Drama, English or PSHE lessons. They will combine reading from my book above, talking about my own mental health crisis as a young person and encouraging the group to write, and discuss emotional and mental well being. As a former English and Drama Teacher and with a youth work qualification I will be able to gauge the groups that I work with and pitch the session accordingly. I would welcome an informal chat with the Subject Teacher or Year Tutor prior to my arrival at the school. This can be done on site just before the session or on the phone and by email in the weeks leading up to it. It is requested that a member of staff sits in on the sessions" 

David completed a Masters Degree in Playwriting from the University of Salford International in 2014 and would be keen to encourage pupils to consider writing about Mental Health in the third person, dramatic Format. He is able to travel UK wide.

Sessions for Schools will be (2 hour max)


plus travelling expenses

Please contact David initially by email to discuss your requirements 

No current D.B.S certificate but would be happy to negotiate the obtaining of one with a host school. 

Red Button

Dixie Dickenson

Red Button Theatre began at the University of Glamorgan after the Artistic Director Dafydd Williams began planning with Keith 'Dixie' Dickenson for a Theatre Movement that would give voice to the underdog, to those on the fringes of mainstream society.

After the success of 'Catharsis' at the University of Glamorgan, the new company comprising Dixie, Richard Lewis and Alex Shaw began working on different projects. We have worked with Alan Osborne on realising his Oratorio 'This is the Day' at the Myfanwy Theatre, Merthyr Tydfil and our most recent work has been the acclaimed 'Lost Souls' Laundrette/Golchfa'r Golledig' which was staged at the Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre in August 2010.

In 2016, our focus concentrates on 'Theatre for Mental Health', we will be workshopping and improvising with Mental Health Service Users across Wales and the UK and those who self identify as sufferring with anxiety and depression and other Mental Health Conditions, to perform work which already has Mental Health as its theme as well as new work which we hope will offer fresh focus and challenge the stigma associated with Mental Ill-Health.

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